"With a race car tuning dynamics knowledge base through looking at race car kinematics and dynamics in both practical and theoretical terms, that the race engineer (tuner) is able to determine what changes need to be made to help both the chassis and the driver performance". Warren Rowley

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How to get to the checkered flag consistently like the race car tuning pros?

It's the same at any level of the sport! With proper preparation by the car tuning community the battle is almost won… then victory lane is in your sight. Race car tuning begins with a platform which is designed and built for repeatable settings and accurate adjustments. The tuner needs to have some race car driving experience to relate to the driver, also a clear understanding of the car tuning procedures, goals set, and how to achieve them. The "one change at a time" theory may not work all the time,as sometimes a series of adjustments may be needed for desired results of suspension tuning guide!

TEST, TEST and more TEST!!

The driver must be as one with the car, and be able to communicate to the tuner the effects , if any, of changes made during testing, AND, when possible make suggestions. The driver must have some knowledge of suspension and engine dynamics to relate to the tuner. To finish first, first you must finish!.... To finish the race, and be in contention for the checker flag is the ultimate goal. All the race car tuning procedures of the team has to be focused on reliability and the race strategy.... More >>

"If car is off the pace by more than 1 second, I fix the car; if off by less than 1 second, I fix the driver." ... Dan Gurney

What is the most important part of the race car?

The answer may vary by tuner, but , the race car tuner who doesn't say "Tires",and have it at the top of his /her suspension tuning guide is loosing sight of the one most important thing we tune for.... More >>

"Tuning" the driver

The race car driver are athletes too... The physical and mental fitness of the driver is very important. With races sometimes over one hour long, and drivers doing the stint alone, endurance of the body and mind will play a vital role in the later part of the race. One mistake from fatigue or brain lapse can make the difference between winning and second place, or worst case a DNF (Did not finish).

''Fitness is a very important thing in Formula 1, but I have to say that now it is less physical fitness and more mental fitness,'' said Vitantonio Liuzzi, a driver at the Hispania team. ''To be sharp for a one-and-a-half to two-hour race without making a mistake - more than physical, I believe, is a mental thing.'' More>>

The chassis

The chassis design, whether of tubular or "tub" construction, is the foundation where the suspension tuning guide begins. The structural torque-rigidity of the chassis is achieved through triangulation of the roll cage at the major intersection points of the front, mid and rear sub-frames, and sizing the bars correctly.

Choice of square/rectangular bars for lower chassis frame makes for easier construction and greater resistance to bending/twisting loads than a tubular bar. Race car tuning may require building and testing scale models is a great way to check your chassis rigidity and suspension changes or concepts. More >>


Safety on and off the track should be paramount and never overlooked or taken frivolously by the race car tuning community. Start with the simple things like proper attire (eye protection, gloves, etc.) and the big items will follow... like fire proof gear for over the pit wall crew, refueling rigs/jugs.

Always be aware of fatigue. After pulling the all- niter's to get the car ready, that's when mistakes tend to happen. Always stay hydrated.

July victory lane feature

ETH Zurich makes history at Formula Student

An electric vehicle has won an FSAE event outright against combustion cars for the first time in the competition’s history. ETH Zurich, from Switzerland, stormed to victory with an extraordinary total of 921.3 points. It is believed to be the first time that an electric vehicle has beaten cars powered by combustion engines in any accredited motorsport competition More...>>>

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